The Asian Womens Network is committed to enhancing the quality of life for Asian women through empowerment, encouragement and supportive networks

Welcome to the Network

The Dudley Asian Women's Network (DAWN) has established itself as the focal point for Asian women to meet and share social and cultural activities. The centre provides free, confidential and professional services to women and girls of all age. Services provided are mainly through the provisions of advice and information, advocacy, outreach social and recreational activities. We also encourage women to further their personal and professional development through training and programmes of activities that will benefit them.

About DAWN

The Dudley Asian Women’s Network (DAWN) is a registered charitable organisation based at St’ Thomas’s ward in Dudley. It was established in 1993 out of the need to provide specialist services for Asian women across the borough. It was felt that the needs of Asian Women were not being met effectively by statutory and voluntary agencies. Since barriers of language and culture meant women were not accessing mainstream service, information, and support, it was felt that the Centre could be greatly facilitated for users and potential users of service by providing a non threatening, accessible point of contact, that respected women’s individuality and their cultural and social backgrounds. The Centre is unique in that it is the only Centre in Dudley that offers a culturally specific service for only Asian women. The Centre aims to build on the foundation of emphasising the main issues for concern for Asian females in Dudley, namely unemployment, education, negative stereotyping, isolation, health and welfare. These concerns are facilitated into the mainstream service to help influence strategic decisions and policies. Hence the Centre has become a point of reference for workers of agencies seeking to make their services more relevant to Asian women.